INDUC at a glance

INDUC acquires majority interests in and provides active management support to medium sized companies in special situations including turnaround investments. Our objective is the continuation of the business combined with high value added strategic development. The active management support, as well as the provision of new capital, is intended to create sustainable growth of the portfolio companies’ assets and to achieve excellent investor returns.

The investment strategy targets medium sized companies in the German speaking area with a turnover of €15 - 150 million. The portfolio companies will be in diverse industries whereby fragmented industries with consolidating potential are favoured. Preferably, the portfolio companies have a long value creation chain (esp. production companies). Investments will be made in late financing stages, i.e. the companies have already developed successfully to critical mass and matured.

Companies which are compatible with this investment strategy go through a selection process with industry, company, product and financial due diligence. Turnaround specific questions may also be applicable. The selection process follows rigorous investment guidelines.

In turnaround situations, the early stages of crises are more suitable for investment than advanced stages of distress – such opportunities, especially insolvencies, will be exceptional investments. In turnaround situations the first steps consist of a rigorous implementation of all necessary measures to stabilize and restructure the company. Subsequently, the company will be positioned for further growth.

The management of a portfolio company receives active support from a management team with complementary skill sets and long-term working experience in various industries.