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Induc - Special Situation Investments

INDUC is a majority investor in Special Situations including turnaround situations in companies within German speaking Europe. Target companies typically generate turnover of Euro 15 – 150 million without limitations as to the industry in which a target company operates. They will fall within the scope of INDUC´s Investment Strategy and comply with certain Selection Criteria.

An investment will be approached following the Investment Principles. On the shareholder level the main principle is the one of entrepreneurial discretion. In the context of the financing, new capital will only be used to overcome the current crisis and to finance the further development (turnaround and growth financing) and not to finance current operating losses or to replace current sources of capital. Any investment will only be made if on the basis of a predetermined turnaround concept a minimum target return can be achieved for the investors even with conservative assumptions. Furthermore, the economic interests of all parties will be aligned with the help of shareholder agreements and incentive models/ equity ownership (management team).

INDUC is an independent investment company founded in 2003. The management team consists of interdisciplinary managers with long term operating experience in diverse industries. All leading team members have held top management positions in international companies in the retail, production, services and private equity industries and in addition have gained experience in the turnaround of medium sized companies.

INDUC invests in companies in difficulties and if required within short notice. Contact us if you are seeking new investment and if your company falls within our Investment Strategy.